On 9 January 1997, Comair Flight 3272 spirals out of control and crashes nose-first while on final approach to Detroit Metropolitan Airport. In preparation for an emergency landing, the crew descend the aircraft, but unknowingly descend too far by relying on the false readings. His wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, and sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette, are on board and are also killed. On 16 September 2011, a vintage fighter aircraft named The Galloping Ghost crashes into spectators during the Reno Air Races, killing the pilot, James Leeward, and 10 people on the ground. 119 of the 315 people on board are injured. The pilots had begun the descent too early after misreading the approach chart. This special looked at disasters caused by improperly secured or distributed cargo. Two fighters from the Hellenic Air Force intercept and investigate the flight and find all but one person on board not moving. The accident was caused by a faulty repair to the bulkhead after a much-earlier tailstrike incident. 71 of the 77 people on board are killed. The aircraft dives inverted into the Pacific Ocean, killing all 88 on board. A prostitute is also found murdered, disfigured in the same way. The aircraft rolls to the right and crashes into an apartment complex, killing all 4 on board and 39 on the ground. On 26 April 1994, China Airlines Flight 140 pitches upwards, enters an aerodynamic stall at low altitude and crashes approximately 340 feet east-northeast of the centreline of the runway while on final approach to Nagoya Airport in Nagoya, Japan. The season was released on April 15, 2020. 2.83K. On 31 October 1996, TAM Transportes Aéreos Regionais Flight 402 crashes into a heavily populated residential area seconds after takeoff from São Paulo–Congonhas Airport, killing all 95 people on board and 4 on the ground. The business jet's crew had made a wrong turn while taxiing in the fog and inadvertently taxied onto the runway. On 27 November 2008, an aircraft on a post-maintenance test flight operating as XL Airways Germany Flight 888T stalls and crashes into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of France, killing all seven people on board. This special looked at disasters caused by fires, either on the ground or in the air. Additionally, several of the engines' brakes were completely inoperative, but this information was not passed on to the crews. On 11 May 1996, 10 minutes after takeoff, ValuJet Flight 592 starts filling with smoke after a fire breaks out in the main cargo bay as it is flying over Miami. An incorrect cabin pressurization setting had caused everyone on board to succumb to hypoxia. All 15 occupants on board the two aircraft die. On 12 May 1989, a 69-car freight train goes out of control while descending from California's Cajon Pass. There are no official announcement on a release date it for outer banks season two do as of now full stop pants can only hope that the new season will be out by 2021. Note: This is the 100th aircraft case investigated on Mayday. Granny Anal Sex 32.4K. On 31 October 1994, American Eagle Flight 4184 loses control and crashes into a field while circling to land at O'Hare International Airport, killing all 68 people on board. Outer Banks Season 2: Release Date Source: GadgetFreeks. What is Outer Banks about? Nearly two years later, on 3 March 1974, Turkish Airlines Flight 981 crashes near Senlis after suffering a similar sequence of events during a flight from Paris to London, killing all 346 people on board. On 4 April 1977, Southern Airways Flight 242, a flight from Huntsville, Alabama, to Atlanta, Georgia, flies through a severe thunderstorm and is hit by large hailstones. 3. The fuel flow to both engines was restricted because of ice crystals causing a blockage in the fuel-oil heat exchangers. On 4 February 2015, TransAsia Airways Flight 235 strikes a viaduct and crashes into the Keelung River shortly after takeoff from Taipei Songshan Airport, killing 43 of the 58 people on board. Total number of Episodes of Outer Banks Season 2 The previous season of Outer Banks came up with a total of 10 episodes. The Legacy manages to make a safe landing at an airbase, but the Gol jet crashes with no survivors. On 13 April 2010, Cathay Pacific Flight 780 suffers a dual engine failure while nearing Hong Kong International Airport at the end of a flight from Juanda International Airport, Indonesia. The causes of the crash were a malfunction of the number two engine and the pilots shutting down the wrong engine. On 16 August 2005, West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 deep-stalls while cruising and crashes in rural Venezuela during a thunderstorm. Flying on autopilot once airborne, the aircraft heads west instead of north-northeast towards its destination. When will Outer Banks Season 2 air? Investigation showed that the pilots' controls had been improperly adjusted during maintenance, and that the aircraft was overloaded due to outdated formulae for calculation of passenger weights. Meanwhile, Nadja learns that she is pregnant by Grünberg. On 8 September 1994, USAir Flight 427 also rolls and crashes within thirty seconds, killing all 132 people on board. There’s no release date yet, but given that filming is wrapping up, it will likely be sometime in 2021. A total of 50 people from the two aircraft are killed, with the backseat crewman of the USMC aircraft the only survivor. This special looked at how poor aircraft designs cause disasters. It was later determined that an electrical short circuit caused the cargo door to open. On 8 February 1986, a Via Rail passenger train and a 118-car Canadian National Railway freight train collide, killing 23 people. Outer Banks Season 2 trailer: is there a teaser yet? The investigation determined that the aircraft turned the wrong way during the approach due to a miscommunication between the pilots and air traffic control. On 16 July 1999, John F. Kennedy Jr. dies when the Piper Saratoga light aircraft he is piloting crashes off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, in hazy conditions. The investigation determined that when the pilots retracted the flaps and slats during the delay, they forgot to re-extend them afterwards. A black hole approach illusion had led the pilots to believe the aircraft was higher than it actually was. All 137 people on the two aircraft and 7 people on the ground are killed. The investigation determined that a vehicle in the aircraft's cargo bay had shifted, causing the loss of control. Subsequent investigation traced the engine failure to a fatigue crack in the fan hub stemming from a defect introduced before the disk was even made (when the original titanium ingot used to make it was formed). This special looked at how spatially disoriented pilots cause crashes. On 24 November 2001, Crossair Flight 3597 crashes into a hill during final approach to Zürich, killing 24 of the 33 passengers and crew members on board. 939 talking about this. On takeoff, the captain finds that his airspeed indicator is not reading properly, though the co-pilot's indicator is showing the correct speed. hostage rescue team of the French Gendarmerie, 2003 Baghdad DHL attempted shootdown incident, Next Generation Air Transportation System, Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (freighter conversion), TAM Transportes Aéreos Regionais Flight 402, American International Airways Flight 808, Pakistan International Airlines Flight 268, 1990 Wayne County Airport runway collision, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport, "Mayday: Air Disaster - Program Overview", "Air Crash Investigation | National Geographic", "Discovery Channel Sends Out a Mayday Call – Season 5 Launches with Air India Tragedy, April 9", "Air Crash Investigation TV Listing (Australia)", "Cineflix's Mayday Takes Flight with the 100th Episode in a Brand New Season", "Conspiracy Buffs Gain in Court Ruling on Crash", "Cork airport crash team did not assist documentary", "Air Crash Investigation: SERIES 11 EPISODES", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Mayday_episodes&oldid=1011893609, Lists of Canadian television series episodes, Lists of non-fiction television series episodes, All Wikipedia articles written in Canadian English, Articles containing potentially dated statements from March 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2021, Articles containing potentially dated statements from February 2015, Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 March 2021, at 13:07. The causes of the crash were a malfunction of the aircraft's rudder travel limiter unit and an inappropriate response by the pilots. On 9 October 2002, the lower rudder segment of Northwest Airlines Flight 85 suddenly deflects to the left. It was later determined that aggressive rudder use by the first officer in response to wake turbulence from a Boeing 747-400 that had taken off minutes earlier had caused the vertical stabilizer to detach from the aircraft. 1 2 nächste > Die Dodenhof Posthausen KG (im weiteren zur besseren Lesbarkeit „Dodenhof“ genannt) ist sich bewusst, dass Ihnen der Schutz Ihrer Privatsphäre bei der Benutzung unseres Bewerberportals ein wichtiges Anliegen ist. The exact cause of the fire is undetermined. There’s a possibility that Outer Banks Season 2 Will Release In mid-2021. This makes one thing clear. Note: This is the first time the series broadcast an episode about an accident not yet fully investigated. On 29 April 2013, National Airlines Flight 102 stalls and crashes into the ground just seconds after taking off from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, killing all seven crew members on board. An inquiry concluded that a "railroader culture", which prized loyalty and productivity at the expense of safety, had resulted in a tired and sick crew of three, including an engineer at extreme risk of a stroke or heart attack, to either fall asleep or be otherwise incapacitated, failing to stop the freight train. The cause of the crash was an improper repair of a fatigue crack in the wing. On 31 October 2000, Singapore Airlines Flight 006 collides with construction equipment at Chiang Kai-shek International Airport in Taipei while attempting to take off on the wrong runway in a typhoon, killing 83 of the 179 people on board. On 20 August 2008, Spanair Flight 5022 stalls, banks to the right and crashes after a delay, killing 154 of the 172 people on board. On 29 November 2013, LAM Mozambique Airlines Flight 470 enters a rapid descent into Namibia's Bwabwata National Park halfway from Maputo, Mozambique, to Luanda, Angola, killing all 33 people on board. "Weltpremiere in ZDFneo: High-End Serie "Parfum" / Mit Wotan Wilke Möhring, Friederike Becht, August Diehl, Ken Duken u.a. 55 people die before they can evacuate, mainly due to inhaling toxic smoke. Only one air traffic controller was on duty (covering two boards) for that block of airspace at the time of the collision—his co-worker was on his coffee break. On 25 February 2009, Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 stalls and crashes 1.5 kilometres from the runway while approaching Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. [1] The series is both inspired by the novel of the same name by Patrick Süskind and the 2006 film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Tom Tykwer but is set in the modern day. The crew is able to glide the aircraft safely to an emergency landing at Gimli Industrial Park Airport, a former airbase at Gimli, Manitoba. On 31 October 2014, an experimental spaceflight test vehicle named VSS Enterprise suffers a catastrophic in-flight breakup and crashes into the Mojave Desert in California, United States, while performing a test flight. On 12 February 2009, Colgan Air Flight 3407 stalls at low altitude and dives into a residential area near Buffalo, New York. Both crew members and seven of the fifteen passengers on board die in the accident. Outer Banks is an American TV series. The investigation concluded that the aircraft encountered microburst-induced wind shear while the captain suffered somatogravic illusion, prompting the first officer to push the nose down and causing the crash. A member of the cabin crew clings to his legs as the co-pilot completes an emergency landing without any deaths. Some of the cast members discussed filming when the coronavirus pandemic hit, and now production is on halt due to the lockdowns. Netflix has officially renewed Outer Banks for season 2. The show is a generation of Jonas Pate, Shannon Burke, and Josh Pate. Bleach bottles filled with gasoline, which were being transported by a passenger on the domestic flight, leaked inside the overhead bins, and were ignited by a nearby motorcycle battery. The crew are asked if they would like to perform a straight-in approach to Cali. Official renewal status: Officially renewed (last updated: 07/24/2020) Four months after its initial April 2020 release date, Netflix finally announced that Outer Banks would be returning. The investigation concluded that ice had built up on the aircraft's wings, causing the loss of control.

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